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5pc Folding Outdoor Wood Patio Dining Set Review

Review of the 5pc Outdoor Wood Folding Patio Dining Set from Amazon

This Brazilian Eucalyptus outdoor furniture set is made for convenience and portability with four folding chairs, and one folding octagonal table.

outdoor furniture review 5 piece wood folding dining set
5 Piece Wood Dining Set
Our review will cover some of the features for this folding patio set, as well as what customers are saying about this product.

Features and Specs for the 5pc Folding Patio Dining Set:
  • The folding wood table is an octagon shape, measuring 40x40 inches, and 29 inches tall.
  • The folding chairs are 24x18 inches, and 36 inches high at the backrest. 
  • Made from durable Eucalyptus hardwood.
  • Very portable and perfect for small outdoor patio spaces.
Outdoor furniture sets tend to be costly, especially for durable high end products. But this beautiful hardwood furniture set is on sale at for a great price (50% off last time we checked!)

View the 5pc Outdoor Wood Folding Patio Dining Set for price and shipping details.

Now lets look at some opinions and reviews from customers.

Customer Reviews of the 5pc Folding Outdoor Wood Patio Dining Set

Customers rated this 5 piece furniture set an impressive 10 out of 10.

They liked the beautiful look and comfortable chairs and noted that even after several rainstorms, the furniture still looks new.

Although the dimensions of the furniture are clearly shown, some customers were a little surprised at the small size of the table. But this set makes up for it by being easy to store, and great for tight spaces.

5pc Outdoor Wood Folding Patio Dining Set Review Amazon
Easy Storage for this 5pc Folding Dining Set!
For those who may be interested in a 3 piece set with just two chairs and a table, read our review of the  3 Piece Square Bistro Outdoor Furniture Set.

One great bonus feature of this table and chairs furniture set is that the chairs can be folded and stored under the table, so that it takes up very little space and doesn't clutter an areas. (see picture)

Overall, the 5 piece folding wood dining set is a fine addition to any outdoor space, It fits best in locations where space may be limited, or mobility is important.

Learn more about this great set, including price and product details, by viewing it on Amazon .

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