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How To Choose Outdoor Furniture in 5 Steps

How To Choose Patio Furniture for Your Outdoor Space

It can be a challenge to know what kind of furniture to pick for your outdoor space. There are lots of options out there, ranging from small bistro style sets for two, all the way to large 9 piece sofa sectionals. So how do you pick the right patio furniture for your space? Follow the steps below and you will be well on your way!

5 Steps to Choosing Your Patio Furniture

Step #1 - Evaluate Your Needs
Think about what you already use the outdoor space cor, or if you don't use it, think about what you would want to use it for. Dream big, try to brainstorm as many options as you can think. Perhaps you want to host dinner parties, or just have a comfortable backyard lounging area.

how to choose outdoor furniture
A Big Table that Seats 8
Once you have a list of what you want to do with the space, start thinking about what furniture you would need. If you plan to have dinner parties with say, six guests, you will need a table and chairs set with that many seats. Try to visualize the space you have, what you want, and how it would fit.

This is the most challenging step in the process, and it takes a bit of dedication to figure out what your needs will be. But stick with it, just worry about function and location at this point. It might be easiest to look online and see what kind of options are available, and what will fit your space.

Step #2 - What Is Your Style
Now it is time to have some fun. You get to choose what kind of style you want for your outdoor furniture. Do you want wood, metal, plastic, wicker or other materials? Try to match different pieces as best you can, and also try to match your surroundings.

There are lots of different materials to choose form, and most have good durability and appearance, so it often comes down to personal preference. Also remember that cushions come in a wide assortment of colors, so choose the ones that will look great for years to come.

Step #3 - Begin Your Shopping
outdoor furniture tips
Table for Four - available on Amazon
Begin shopping for the furniture you want. There are lots of places to shop, both online and in stores. Look for good quality, price, shipping costs and assembly required. Compare different places, and even make the stores compete for your business!

It is also important to know that fall is the best time to buy outdoor furniture, because most stores will discount their older merchandise to try to get it sold. You could find great deals and discounts.

But, before you buy:

Step #4 - Check the Details
Be sure to read any reviews that are available about the product you are looking at. Does it have a generally positive response from customers? Or was there something people didn't like. If there is some sort of product defect or problem, it should show up in multiple reviews.

It is also important to think about storage for your furniture pieces during winter or inclement weather. And read the product details to see what kind of care or attention the furniture will need.

If you can, test out the furniture. If you are shopping online, this won't be possible, so reading the reviews becomes even more important.

Finally, after making all the necessary considerations, buy the furniture!

Step #5 - Follow Any Care Instructions to Maintain your Furniture
Most outdoor furniture requires some general maintenance. This might be as little as keeping it dry or free of dirt, but some furniture requires a bit more effort. So read your furniture's care instructions, and be sure to follow it to ensure your furniture will last a long time, and look great.

We hope these tips will help when you are trying to buy new outdoor furniture. Remember to have a little fun with your outdoor spaces, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors as much as possible.

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